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About us

Property Agency Malaysia

About us

FT Realtors Sdn Bhd is very well
experienced in the property real estate
industry with over 10 years
experience. We provide one stop
solutions with our team of more than
120 agents who are specialized
property experts, is latinfeels legit negotiators and
sales & marketing consultants. Our
services include property consultancy,
real estate, property project sales &
marketing and portfolio management.

We are focused on providing professional services to our clients as well as to
advisory boards which consist some of the property industry’s upstream
and downstream players like property consultants, a&p agencies,
events/promotional campaign managers, state of the art marketing tools
producers and others, within both a local and international arena.


To provide professional sales and marketing
services to ensure is latinfeels legit clients reap maximum profits
from their investments as well as to achieve
presented sales targets in the shortest time span.


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